My Purpose

To contribute to a better world by creating value
through my profession and my life

My Motto

Just Get It Done
Any Where - Any Time - Any Weather

Results driven professional with 25+ years of experience around the world supporting a broad array of government and commercial projects in the Satellite and Aerospace industries in a diverse capacity: Systems Engineer, Mission Engineer, Project Manager and Engineering Manager.

Having worked in 5 continents under different conditions I have developed the skills needed to work and perform under stressing circumstances in intercultural environments.

My experience includes the design of end-to-end solutions, RF analysis, interference analysis, architecture of multi-satellite solutions, antennas design, spacecraft selection, satellite communications networks deployments, control centers design and integration. Experience leading Defense projects.

As an eager learner and under the philosophy of “Continuous Improvement” and “Do-whatever-it-takes”, I have returned to school every time I have felt the need to update my knowledge in order to acquire new tools that I need to keep performing in my profession. That is how I hold a Master's degree in Telecommunications, a Master’s degree in Engineering Management and Professional certifications in Project Management and Six Sigma Master Black Belt. However learning is not the ultimate goal, but instead to transfer the knowledge to the teams and organizations where I particiapate, so better services and solutions can be offered in a collaborative environment.

I believe that with my technical hands-on experience, and my formal education in Project Management and in the Quality sciences, I can bring the continuous improvement philosophy to technology based projects in the Satellite and Aerospace industries.

Open to discuss a position in a company where my skills and cumulated experience can add value to the current projects. The ideal position could be in the Satellite Communications industry, Aerospace or in a company that has operations in Latin America or expanding to LATAM.

The experience, skills and knowledge acquired in over 25+ years can be transferred to projects that require Systems Engineering skills, data analysis, strategic planning, international exposure and intercultural communication.


Don´t ever take a Job-- join a crusade!