Project Engineer / Systems Engineer – ComtechEFData

The Challenge
EFData was starting it’s Networks Product Division when I joined the company as an Engineer in order to work on the design and archtiecture of satellite solutions. Several were the challenges, the main ones were: to work in an environment where the company’s traditional business was to sell equipment or “boxes” as opposed to integrated solutions. Also to work with a very diversified customer base around the world.

The solution
First there was the need to do in-house training on satellite networks, on how the company products were integrated and to foster and create a systems mentality among other teams. Second, there was a direct application of my experience and education, so I was able to draw from previous experience. A product that involved MPEG compression and IP addressing forced me to go back to school in order to learn these new (to me) techniques, and be more efficient in my work, that is when I went back to school for my Master’s degree in Telecommunications.

The Result
As a result of the in-house training, many people started having more pride in their work, because they realized that it was not just a piece of equipment what they were working on, but instead on a solution that was affecting others through services like Distance Learning, Telemedicine, NATO operations or News Gathering. I was able to work in-country with customers in Asia, Europe and Latin America. With great pride I can say that the ralation and empathy created with the customers paid off when they were requesting that I was the one that supported them. As a result of my previous education and the one that I acquired while going to grad school, I was able to recommend more and better solutions that involved a greater level of analysis.