Sr. Operations Advisor - IndustriasKIT

The Challenge
IndustriasKIT was a 20 yr. old company when I started supporting them. They were working mostly with empiric processes. It was ran as a family business. They wanted to take the leap into a more formal operation. At this time it was a 100+ employee operation, manufacturing toys and distributing them across Mexico. The challenge was a cultural change, and bring structure to the organization and demonstrate that new and formal processes could impact the profitability of the company.

The Solution
I started creating sensibilization meetings with top management and getting them to buy in the solution, since no change could be possible without having bought-in first. Then I started working on a clear Vision and Mission statements where the constructs of these could generate metrics. This was the starting point of a policiy deployment and strategic planning processes. We went from 5S programs to truly measuring productivity based on the KPI generated from the Vision and Mission statements.

The Result
The company has maintained a sustained growth, competing with foreign toys. As a result of the mision, an R&D group was created and new technogly was introduced for the development of new products. I started the use of Agile and Scrum methodologies for the development of new products. I also trained managers in the use of Project Management methodologies and tools.