Program Manager – Titan Wireless

The Challenge
I joined the company in order to manage the installation of a project in Guatemala, where language and culture were the main challenges.  And in parallel a project in Africa where the manager had to have strong technical kowledge in satellite communications.

The solution
Applying formal tools in intercultural communications I was able to bridge the gap between the low-context american way of managing projects and the high-context of latin amercian way of doing things.  This treats also applied to the project in Africa. I also applied formal tools  in project management that allowed me to have a better control of the project plan.

The Result
Cultural problems were minimized. It is in international projects where the cultural barriers tend to delay the projects beyond what is expected, even more than technical problems. As in any project, changes happen, and I ended working in-country in Africa, where due to my technical experience I was able to train and coach the technical personnel in Africa.