SYSTEMS ENGINEERING MANAGER / STAFF SYSTEMS ENGINEER ,  Northrop Grumman - San Diego Ca. 2014 - present

NC3 and Sentinel Programs (Mission Systems Sector) Systems Engineering Manager / Systems Engineer Architect / RF-Comms Lead.
Conducted comprehensive research into the existing architecture of Nuclear Command Control and Communications (NC3), for the development of a digital model serving as an initial framework for its modernization efforts. Identified areas for enhancement to meet evolving operational requirements effectively.

Leveraged advanced modeling techniques, notably the Cameo Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) tool, to map and conceptualize NC3 Communications architecture artifacts. Ensured the accuracy and integrity of the architectural representation, facilitating precise analysis and strategic decision-making.

Demonstrated exceptional leadership acumen by guiding a proficient RF/Communications team through the design phase of communication solutions tailored to the Sentinel program. Oversight included critical tasks such as antenna selection, radio configuration, thorough link budget assessments, and rigorous co-site analysis, resulting in optimized system performance and reliability.

Held accountability for the management and mentorship of a dedicated team comprising 12 engineers spanning T1 to T6 levels. Cultivated a collaborative and high-performing work environment, fostering innovation, skill development, and a steadfast commitment to achieving project objectives with excellence.

BACN Program (Mission Systems Sector) RF/Comms IPT Lead.
I played a pivotal role in analyzing the intricate aspects of aeronautical platforms, focusing on payloads, antennas, coverage requirements, and performance metrics. This included a thorough examination of ground segment architecture to ensure its seamless integration and operational efficiency. My innovative approach led to the adoption of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and digital modeling using STK. These cutting-edge methodologies significantly enhanced the accuracy and reliability of pre-deployment evaluations of systems and payloads on airborne platforms.

My responsibilities extended to overseeing the integration of radios and antenna systems, where I conducted co-site analyses and performed detailed link budget and coverage assessments. These assessments spanned a variety of communication protocols such as UHF/VHF, Link-16, TCDL, Wideband, and Narrowband Satcom. My efforts guaranteed robust connectivity and interoperability, crucial for the effectiveness of the communication systems involved.

In a leadership capacity, I managed a team of 10 talented Communications engineers, promoting a collaborative and focused work environment. I was instrumental in developing mission strategies and performance metrics, aligning them with broader organizational goals. My role also encompassed formulating engineering and communications Basis of Estimates (BOEs) for new proposals, thereby ensuring resource allocation and project planning were both accurate and feasible. Additionally, I contributed significantly to talent acquisition, coaching, and professional development, offering technical guidance and mentorship to enhance the skills and motivation of the RF/Communications team.

JP2008 Program (Defense Systems Sector) SATCOM SME
In a continuous effort to enhance Satcom services over WGS, I developed a tool specifically designed to predict interference, marking a significant advancement in maintaining the integrity of communication channels. Further expanding on this capability, I implemented sophisticated tools for antenna modeling and conducted simulations to analyze interference, ensuring that our systems could robustly handle the complexities of satellite communication. My work also extended to designing communication capabilities for Network Management Systems (NMS), where I meticulously decomposed requirements to align with operational needs. Through a rigorous process of validation and refinement, I improved the interference algorithms, making them more effective for use on an NMS, thus ensuring enhanced service quality on WGS platforms. This multifaceted approach not only solidified our infrastructure's reliability but also set new standards for managing and mitigating interference in satellite communications.

F-35 Program (Mission Systems Sector) Engineering Manager and CAM
In my role overseeing the Development Verification Test (DVT) efforts, I led a dynamic team across various disciplines, achieving significant milestones in project verification and implementation. My leadership in adopting Agile methodologies transformed our program's approach to project management, fostering a culture of adaptability and continuous improvement. As a Scrum Master, I was pivotal in integrating Agile tools that streamlined our processes, directly impacting our project's efficiency and team's responsiveness. Additionally, my responsibility for developing accurate engineering Basis of Estimates (BOEs) ensured realistic project planning and resource allocation, laying the foundation for successful project execution.

My coordination skills were put to the test as I led a team of 15 engineers to verify over 850 project requirements, a testament to our team's dedication and precision. The acceleration of our test efforts through the strategic use of Agile methodology tools further exemplified our commitment to project efficiency. In my capacity as a Cost Account Manager (CAM) for Hardware control accounts, I bridged the gap between technical achievements and strategic business outcomes, regularly reporting key metrics and results to upper management. This role highlighted my ability to not only manage complex projects but also to contribute valuable insights that supported informed decision-making at the highest levels of the organization.

NATO-AGS Program (Aeronautical Systems Sector) - Comms Responsible Engineer for Ground Segment
In a pivotal role, I led the comprehensive testing and seamless integration of the Command and Control (C2) and Mission communications infrastructure. This intricate task involved a wide array of systems including Intercom, Line-of-Sight (LOS), and Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) subsystems, covering both UHF and Wideband Satellite data links. My efforts ensured the interoperability and robustness of these communication systems, which are critical to the success of any mission. By overseeing these complex integration processes, I played a crucial role in maintaining the efficacy and reliability of mission-critical communication networks.

Additionally, my responsibilities extended to coordinating the integration of essential networking equipment within the command and control center. This included the meticulous arrangement of routers, switches, and encryptors, specifically within a red/black environment, ensuring secure and efficient data flow. Taking my expertise abroad, I executed the integration and testing of the Communications Ground Segment infrastructure on-site in Italy. This project spanned the installation and calibration of antennas, towers, radios, and associated communications equipment, further showcasing my ability to manage and implement critical communications infrastructure in diverse settings. Through these endeavors, I not only enhanced communication capabilities but also contributed significantly to the operational readiness and success of the missions supported.

Xenon (Space Systems Sector) - Communications Systems Engineer
I leveraged mytechnical expertise and analytical skills to contribute valuable insights and recommendations, ensuring the alignment of payload specifications with mission objectives and operational requirements.

PROJECT ENGINEER ViaSat, Carlsbad Ca. 2013-2014
My role involved orchestrating the intricate design and integration of ground segment solutions, such as sophisticated antenna systems, critical RF components, and comprehensive networking equipment, guaranteeing their flawless functionality and integration. I harnessed the power of advanced Modeling and Simulation tools for crafting digital representations of satellites and sensors, which was instrumental in executing detailed coverage assessments vital for mission areas, ensuring each aspect was perfectly aligned with our strategic objectives.

In collaboration with satellite operators, I was pivotal in managing spacecraft maneuvers to meet mission necessities, meticulously validating their performance afterwards to ensure operational excellence. I led pivotal projects aimed at bolstering the reliability and effectiveness of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) services, a testament to my commitment to enhancing mission capability. Additionally, my deep-dive analyses into RF coverage illuminated potential enhancements, guiding my strategic recommendations to boost RF efficiency and mission success. My endeavors in these areas not only demonstrated my technical acumen but also my proactive approach to problem-solving and innovation in mission-critical operations.

Sr. SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEER,  Panasonic Avionics, Lake Forest, Ca. 2011-2013
I spearheaded a comprehensive analysis of engineering metrics that directly influenced Service Level Agreements (SLA) and the performance of ground segments, playing a crucial role in optimizing what became the largest commercial aeronautical satellite network of its era. My efforts in fostering strategic partnerships with satellite operators were pivotal, ensuring not just seamless coordination of services on spacecraft but also guaranteeing these efforts were in lockstep with overarching operational goals.

As a Satellite Subject Matter Expert (SME) with a focus on aeronautical applications, I engaged in rigorous assessments of network capacity, coverage, and interference, particularly within a complex multi-satellite framework. My analysis extended to evaluating the performance of panel antennas on aeronautical platforms, specifically within the Ka-band frequency, thereby ensuring optimal deployment and functionality.

Further enhancing operational integrity, I leveraged statistical tools alongside the Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) process to elevate RF performance standards. By identifying and systematically addressing the root causes of operational issues, my work underscored a commitment to continuous improvement and sustained operational excellence, setting new benchmarks for reliability and efficiency in satellite communications.

MISSION / SYSTEMS ENGINEER    Space Systems Loral, Palo Alto, Ca. 2010
I led the charge in designing the communications architecture for a Department of Defense Ka-band satellite constellation, laying the foundation for robust and efficient communication capabilities essential for military operations. My vision extended to conceptualizing end-to-end communications solutions that integrated both ground and space segments, including earth stations, payload configurations, sensors, and networking equipment, ensuring a seamless flow of information across all levels of operation.

In developing innovative Geostationary Orbit (GSO) and Non-Geostationary Orbit (NGSO) architectures, I paid meticulous attention to geometries to mitigate interference and maximize performance. This involved conducting thorough trade-off analyses to meet the stringent RF performance requirements on spacecraft, utilizing advanced link budget analysis techniques to ensure the viability and effectiveness of the communications infrastructure.

Pioneering the proposal of a satellite constellation designed specifically for military aeronautical Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) missions, I focused on enabling seamless connectivity between Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Ground Control Stations (GCS). This effort required deriving precise spacecraft and communications payload requirements through extensive research into UAV platform profiles, guaranteeing compatibility and operational efficacy. Additionally, I evaluated the performance of commercial terminals on airborne platforms with rigorous link budget analyses and analytical tools, aligning satellite design with both current and future capacity demands. My work culminated in formulating innovative communications architectures that leveraged the capabilities of X and Ka bands, spot beams, cross-links, and multi-satellite networks, significantly enhancing performance and coverage for critical military operations.

Sr. ENGINEER    Qualcomm/MediaFlo, San Diego, Ca. 2002- 2007
I took the lead in the careful selection of ground segment equipment crucial for satellite backhaul operations. This included choosing antennas, uplink/downlink RF chains, and network infrastructure, all with an eye toward ensuring optimal performance and reliability. My role involved conducting detailed RF analysis, making informed trade-offs, and carrying out link budget assessments for a Satellite Communications (Satcom) network. Through my expertise, I was able to optimize system performance and throughput, ensuring the network operated at its highest potential.

As the director overseeing site installations, I managed and supervised a team of 20 engineers and technicians. My leadership facilitated adept coordination of efforts across multiple, dispersed locations, guaranteeing seamless deployment and integration of our systems. In pursuit of elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of the Field Engineering organization, I crafted and set in motion strategic initiatives and performance metrics that spurred continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Employing Six Sigma methodologies and tools, I took a systematic approach to identifying, analyzing, and mitigating defects in the Field Engineering process. This initiative not only led to substantial cost savings but also markedly enhanced service quality. Demonstrating exceptional project management skills, I successfully oversaw the testing, commissioning, and handover of $1 million sites to the operations team on a biweekly schedule. This effort was instrumental in the deployment of over 300 sites, significantly augmenting the network's capabilities and contributing to its robust expansion.

Between 2004 and 2007, I embraced the role of an off-site consultant for a family business, making monthly trips to Mexico to contribute my expertise and then full time during 2008.. This position allowed me to apply the knowledge I had gained in Strategy and Quality from my Engineering Management Masters program. During this time, I was instrumental in crafting the mission, vision, and strategic plan for the organization. I spearheaded the development of a business model anchored in innovation, positioning the company to compete in the established market of toys and action figures. This shift marked the company's transition from a family-operated venture to a more structured entity. I also established the first R&D center for toys in Mexico, pioneering the integration of wireless technology into our products.

In an effort to bolster the company's market presence, I established Product Development and Marketing departments and innovated a new distribution channel model. Additionally, I trained and coached managers in Project Management methodologies, fostering an appreciation for the benefits of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. My leadership in managing Quality and Cultural Change programs was pivotal in promoting innovation and cultivating an excellence mindset within the company. This cultural shift was a key factor in the company's sustained growth, even amidst economic downturns in the country.

Moreover, I initiated process improvement projects for the plastic molding and injection plants, utilizing Six Sigma tools and a Business Performance Excellence (BPE) model. These initiatives not only streamlined operations but also significantly enhanced product quality and operational efficiency, contributing to the company's overall success and growth..

SYSTEMS ENGINEER / PROJECT MANAGER,   Titan Wireless, San Diego, Ca. 2001 –  2002
In my recent role, I was responsible for the successful deployment of Satellite Communications ground segment solutions. This included the installation of large aperture antennas and networking infrastructure, a critical component in ensuring robust and reliable connectivity. My leadership extended to directing and coordinating engineering efforts and deployment teams for a high-profile program in Africa. I meticulously oversaw every aspect of the project's execution, ensuring that we met our objectives within the stipulated timelines and budget constraints.

My approach to project management is deeply rooted in fostering open communication channels. During the deployment process, I maintained constant dialogue with our customers, demonstrating an acute awareness of and sensitivity to the cultural diversity and unique needs of our stakeholders. This ability to bridge cultural and technical divides allowed me to communicate complex concepts clearly to both customers and technical personnel, ensuring everyone was aligned with the project's requirements and objectives.

Moreover, my versatility was on full display as I undertook systems engineering tasks whenever necessary, embodying a hands-on approach to problem-solving. My commitment to excellence meant delivering high-quality solutions that were not only efficient but also tailored to meet the specific specifications of our customers. This adaptability and dedication underscored my role, showcasing my ability to navigate complex projects from conception to completion with precision and care.

Reported project deliverables and progress to Operations Vice-President. Left when company closed

PROJECT ENGINEER / SYSTEMS ENGINEER   ComtechEFData, Tempe, Az. 1997 - 2001
In my role, I was instrumental in designing and testing satellite ground segment infrastructure, encompassing large antennas, RF equipment, and Network Management Systems. My responsibilities extended beyond design and testing, as I played a key role in deploying Satcom infrastructure on a global scale. Through comprehensive RF end-to-end performance analysis, I meticulously managed link budgets, network optimization, and capacity planning, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of satellite communications systems.

My position also entailed serving as a crucial liaison between the customer and the factory. In this capacity, I facilitated clear and effective communication, ensuring both parties were aligned on project specifications and expectations. Additionally, I was responsible for training the customer's technical team, imparting essential knowledge and skills to enable them to maintain and operate the infrastructure effectively.

Leadership played a significant role in my duties, particularly in leading technical remote teams located overseas. This aspect of my job required a strong ability to manage and coordinate across different time zones and cultures, demonstrating my capability to lead diverse teams towards achieving common goals. My ability to bridge technical expertise with strong leadership and communication skills has been a cornerstone of my success in the satellite communications field.

SATCOM Sr. FIELD ENGINEER    Independent Subcontractor, 1995 – 1997
In this role, I was pivotal in the testing, integration, and deployment of satellite networks, with a particular focus on emerging markets. My involvement spanned various aspects of network design, including the creation of link budgets and the selection of RF equipment, ensuring the technical viability and efficiency of the networks established. A significant part of my responsibilities also included the installation and testing of TV earth stations, alongside conducting radiation pattern testing for large antennas. I played a key role in integrating satellite networks for a variety of applications such as TV, digital video, VoIP, and data services.

My commitment to excellence extended beyond technical tasks, as I frequently engaged in customer support activities. This included delivering technical presentations and conducting training sessions on customer premises. My ability to convey complex information in an accessible manner led to customers repeatedly requesting my support, a testament to my expertise and the trust I built with clients.

Throughout this period, I had the opportunity to serve a diverse portfolio of international companies. My experience includes collaborations with industry leaders such as Scientific-Atlanta, IDB, SDS, and international clients including Samart in Thailand, CTI in Argentina, PEMEX in Mexico, El Marin in Sweden, Deutch Telecom in Germany, Medcom in Mexico, and Telstra in Australia. This experience not only broadened my technical skills but also enhanced my ability to navigate diverse cultural and business environments, solidifying my reputation as a versatile and reliable satellite network specialist.

OPERATIONS MANAGER / OWNER    Sistemas Infinity, Mexico 1993- 1995 
Responsible for deployment and maintenance  of  satellite networks leading a team of 10 engineers keeping the team always motivated, using coaching skills.
Developed a strategic plan and metrics for measuring performance in the Operations organization.
Implemented closed loop monitoring and control processes  that resulted in 25% expense reduction. Designed new procedures for performance improvement which resulted in 30% less errors on services.
Worked close to customers developing trust and strong relationships which translated in renewed contracts.
Company closes during mexican financial crisis

SATELLITE ENGINEER    Grupo ICA,  Mexico 1992- 1993
Responsible for installation and testing of VSAT network and communications equipment.  Recommended and implemented procedures for optimizing the monitoring features of the equipment that resulted in a reduction of 20% in maintenance expenses and traveling to remote sites.


Control Account Manager (CAM), Six Sigma, Project Management (PMI, Agile/SCRUM), Business Performance Excellence (BPE) model, Strategic Planning, Coaching, Change Management, FMEA, DMAIC

I have strong knowledge of electrical and electronic principles, RF propagation, and RF design in C/Ku/Ka bands. Extensive working knowledge of various measurement and test equipment, RF design tools and RF measurement techniques. In depth knowledge of variety communications technologies (DAMA, SCPC, TDMA, CDMA, FDMA , WiFi , WiMax, MPEG, DVB-S2/RCS, etc.) and IP protocols.   Also satellite equipment such as amplifiers, earth stations, VSATs, LNA, LNB, LNC, TWTAs, modems. MBSE Cameo, STK.


MULTIMEDIOS PUBLICITARIOS, Mexico 1990. I started this company during the last two college years to sell publicity spaces through a tabloid in the college area. Offered graphic design services and space on the tabloid to local businesses. Shut operations when graduating from college.
SISTEMAS INFINITY, Mexico 1993-1995. Co-founded this company offering telecommunications technical support, including maintenance, installation and commissioning of VSAT networks. Closed company as a result of the financial crisis in Mexico in 1994.
BROADTECH INTERNATIONAL, San Diego, Ca. 2001. Started this company in order to provide Project Management services and training in Latin America. The main project was the positioning of a wireless application in Mexico.

ERG Chair in Northrop Grumman, San Diego.
Co-Organizer of Electronics and Communications Simposium while student at Tec of Monterrey
Volunteer for mentoring High School teenagers in a troubled low-income neighborhood in San Diego
Co-Founder of Alumni Association for the ITESM (Tec of Monterrey), chapter San Diego.
American Football Coach at Tepeyac High School