Extremely well-rounded professional in the Satellite Communications industry. I have worked in a broad range of assignments in +25 years of industry experience; from hands-on deployments world wide, networks design, interference analysis, regulation and architecture of GSO and NGSO services for commercial and government applications. Currently focused on Department of Defense projects.

I have had the opportunity to participate and bring my expertise to  projects in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and Latin America. My extensive international exposure has allowed me to learn the details of intercultural communications, which can make me a valuable member in an international operation or interfacing with international customers.  I am 100% bilingual in English and Spanish.

I am skilled in Project Management (PMI model), International Operations, Systems Engineering, Telecommunications Deployments, Strategic Planning and in Quality tools.  I am customer oriented and feel comfortable working on customer premises.

I have worked in the following industries: Satellite Communications (Commercial and Government), Aerospace, Wireless and Manufacturing.

Secret Security Clearance
Systems Engineering

Satellite Networks Design and Deployment

Team Building and Leadership

Six Sigma Training

Data collection and analysis

Extensive International exposure

Project Management and Strategic Planning

Face-to-face customer interaction