Some relevant training and courses taken:



  • Creating Effective Value Propositions,
    Stanford University

  • Managing Innovation,
    Stanford University

  • Technical Project Management,
    Stanford University

  • Entrepreneurial Marketing,
    University of Colorado

  • Converting Strategy into Action, 
    Stanford University

  • Managing the Project Porftfolio,
    Stanford University

  • Leadership and Strategic Execution,
    Stanford University

  • Managing without Authority, Stanford University

  • Mastering the Integrated Program,
    Stanford University

  • Mastering the Requirements Process,
    Stanford University

  • Leaderships and Management,
    University of Colorado

  • Finance and Accounting for Engineering Mgmt, University of Colorado

  • Product Development, University of Colorado

  • Quality, Strategy and Value Creation, University of Colorado

  • Operations Management,
    University of Colorado

  • Ethics in Engineering Management,
    University of Colorado

  • Methods for Quality Improvement,
    University of Colorado

  • Research Techniques in Engineering Management, University of Colorado

  • Communications Skills for Engineers, Qualcomm

  • Transition into Management, Qualcomm

  • Leading Effective Teams, Qualcomm

  • Negotiations Workshop, Qualcomm

  • Project Management,  University of Colorado

  • Coaching and Teambuilding,  IBM Mexico
  • UMTS Network Planning,
    UMTS University- Qualcomm

  • UMTS Network Optimization,
    UMTS University-Qualcomm

  • CDMA Handset Lab. Testing,
    CDMA University-Qualcomm

  • CDMA Handset Field Testing,
    CDMA University-Qualcomm

  • CDMA Network Planning,
    CDMA University-Qualcomm

  • CDMA for Business Professionals,
    CDMA University-Qualcomm 

  • Wireless Communications,
    University of Colorado

  • Satellite Communications Engineering Principles, GWU

  • Microwave Antenna Measurements,
    California State University Northridge

  • DAMA, STM Wireless California

  • Voice over IP  Nuera       

  • Satellite Communications Design and Engineering, UCLA

  • TDMA / VSAT Operation and Maintenance,
    SPAR Communications Group